11th Nov 2022

A message for the patients of Leiston Surgery

Firstly we would like to thank you for all the support you have given us over the last few years and especially during the COVID pandemic.  We have been through a difficult time and the challenges and repercussions continue to have an impact on the surgery and the community as a whole.

We have had lots of staff changes at the surgery in all departments and this has led to some challenges to maintain the high quality service we have provided and wish to continue to provide.  We have seen unprecedented levels of demand, in part related to the COVID pandemic and the long term effects this has on communities and patients alike but also due to the increase in our list size which has grown from 6,300 patients 2 years ago to over 9,200 patients.  This significant rise has put our services under pressure despite our significantly increased levels of staffing.

We have some upcoming changes to the clinical staff with the addition of a paramedic and a new Physicians associate as well as a new practice Pharmacist but unfortunately one of our newly appointed salaried GPs, Dr Badawy, has left the surgery to move north with his family and it is with much regret that Dr Pai is also leaving us to work closer to home in Ipswich.  We are constantly trying to recruit new GPs but as you are aware there is a national Doctor and GP recruitment crisis and we are seeing these pressures amplified in more rural areas such as ours.  We continue to have advertisements out and remain hopeful that we will recruit some more GPs soon.

As a result of the upcoming changes to the GP workforce we will have to put some temporary measures in place to be able to safely and effectively manage the amount of demand that we are facing without impacting patient care. We are discussing these measures internally and with our Patient Participation Group to ensure that we can continue to provide high levels of patient care until we have a full clinical and managerial team working at Leiston Surgery.  Once we have clarified the changes we will share them widely with the community.

As ever we are grateful for all the support given to us by our patients and community but would ask for more patience and perseverance during this difficult time.  We would particularly ask that patients remember that the surgery is always doing its best for the patients and that our staff should be treated kindly and with respect. Our staff are working under extreme pressures and continue to go above and beyond the call of duty however unfortunately at present they are being subjected to rude, abusive and aggressive behaviours. We understand that at times patients can feel frustrated if they feel their needs are not being met in an adequate and timely fashion but this should not be an excuse for some of the behaviours we are seeing.  We would ask for the same courtesy and respect you would offer a friend or family member who is trying to do their best for you in challenging circumstances. 

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Dr Blades and Partners

Leiston Surgery

7th Nov 2022

Dr Pai - Leaving the Practice

Dr Samir Pai will sadly be leaving Leiston Surgery on 30th December 2022. We wish Dr Pai all the best at his new Practice.

29th Sep 2022

High Call Volumes - Increased Wait Time

Due to the commencement of the Autumn COVID Booster Campaign and the Flu Vaccination Campaign we are receiving incredibly high call volumes at the surgery, unfortunately this means that wait times to get through to reception may be longer than usual. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding. 

4th Aug 2022

Medication Shortage - Bisphosphonates

There is currently a widespread shortage of bisphosphonate medication (e.g. alendronic acid/risidronate etc). These medications typically are taken once a week to help reduce osteoporosis or the risk of it.

Currently there are major supply issues across the entire county and, at least in the short term over the next month or 2 it is likely to be unavailable. In accordance with NHS guidance we are therefore asking people who are on this medication, that if it is not available at your pharmacy to have a break of 1-2 months from the medication until it then becomes available again.

We are not asking you to stop it completely, but to omit it in the next 4-8 weeks whilst it is unavailable, as there is no readily available alternative to prescribe.

This break will be very unlikely to cause any significant increase in risk, as it can then be resumed when it is next available.

We thank you for your understanding.

19th Jul 2022

GP Patient Survey

The results from the 2022 GP Patient Survey are now in, follow the below link to view our results! 

GP Patient Survey Results - Leiston Surgery

4th May 2022

THANK YOU - Aldeburgh League of Friends

The Leiston Surgery would like to say a huge Thank You to the Aldeburgh League of Friends, who have very kindly donated the funds for us to purchase a much needed 2nd 24 hour ECG machine for the surgery. We are incredibly grateful for their generous donation and ongoing support.